M Quality


At “Medicet Tseh” EOOD we find quality and being as ecological as possible, a fundamental part of the service we offer, that is why we have created the “M Quality”. The “M Quality” is a “Medicet Tseh” Ltd. own standard of high quality synchronized with ecological influences. The ecological influences come from the process of production to reduce waste, suppliers used, technologies used to lower consumption and also the use of bio materials. When a consumer sees an “M Quality” product they will be aware that the product has been created with an ecological factor and is of high quality. A customer can either see the “M Quality” symbol engraved, printed on the product or the packaging. M Quality Segmentation

We have segmented the “M Quality” into three levels;

M1: Standard procedures for quality

M2: Advance procedures for quality

M3: Detailed procedures for quality

The “M Quality” level varies on the product and the industry. Within the higher levels of “M Quality” more comprehensive testing will be conducted and more valuable information will be provided. We propose to our clients our recommended optimal “M Quality” level for their desired product. The testing and documentation will also vary for each product, for some product we find specific testing essential to guaranty high quality.