Company Profile

Medicet Tseh EOOD is a plastic based in Etropole the center of the beautiful mounting of Stara planina, known as Old mountain. Since 1989 Medicet has experience in manufacturing plastic products and providing services such as: manufacturing, printing, packaging and assembling. The company was the first in Bulgaria to introduce Japanese technology and multi-colour printing on flat and round surfaces. Medicet works for both the Private and Public industry where the companies’ clients are market leaders.


“You create ideas, we bring them to life!”

Corporate Purpose

To provide high quality synchronized with ecological view for the ultimate product or service at a competitive price.


To become the most valued manufacturer for all types of plastic products and components.

Our History

„Medicet Tseh“ EOOD is a part of the industrial area, the first company established in the industrial area goes back to 1934, and it was called “Varovitets”. A company focused on wood production. Later in 1949 the wood factory “Varovitets” became a state property and was renamed to State Plant “Etropolski buk”.

On the 8th of March 1989 the managers of State Plant “Etropolski buk” decided to add a new type of production and the decision went with plastic. They purchased a production line to start the production of baby feeding products which included both bottle feeding and breastfeeding products. The company started with an injection blow moulding machine, printing machine and injection machines. From the purchase of the machines the company name changed from State Plant “Etropolski buk” to “Medicet Factory”.

After the democratic changes the state company became a private company through the mass privatization in 1997. The plastic company as a part / (segment) of Medicet Factory, became one of the top incomes and the most growing segment of Medicet Factory. The plastic segment was exporting to a number of countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Ukraine and other neighbor countries.

In 2007 the plastic segment of “Medicet Factory” was purchased by the new owner – Mr. Ivan Ivanov, and was renamed to “Medicet TsehEOOD, (Tseh standing for plant). The new owner invested into the company bringing new types of technologies, offering new types of services, rapidly increasing the production and significantly improving factory working conditions. The increase of production has doubled the number of employees from 2007 and also attracted new highly skilled employees.

Since the new ownership a various of projects were finalized, which some where supported by the European Funds where accomplished. Click for more.