Our Principles


At Medicet we believe the foremost important principle is Quality, which is why we have integrated quality into our company culture. We have created the “M quality” as our own high quality standard. From the first grain of material till the last packaging step quality is asset by our staff and quality control team. As every client has different needs, we have created three levels of quality to ensure we meet all different types of needs.


In the last decade technology has developed drastically and provided great benefits for a closer communication. At Medicet we have used full advantage of the technology available to create a more effective and beneficial Communication with our clients. We have a range of fluent languages spoken by our office department to ease the communication, such as English, German, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian and Bulgarian.

On Time

One of the most frustrating and inconvenient situations is late delivery. At Medicet we will ensure it is On Time. We have created excellent relationships with reliable suppliers, to ensure fast delivery of raw materials. We have excellent organization and communication to resolve problems and finding fast solutions. Essentially a third party logistic company which is dedicated to our orders across Europe.

With care to the nature

we demonstrate our respect & responsibility, by using friendly and non-polluting technologies for plastic processing and our products are ecologically focused.