A greener future is a better future

Factory Refurbishment

In the middle of 2014 Medicet finalized the "Improving Energy Efficiency" project, where the target was to reduce energy consumption and simultaneously ensuring normal production.  The project was based on refurbishing the entire company building, identifying the areas which used the most electricity and finding more sustainable solution. This was achieved by implementing new technologies and also new measuring devices. Below are listed a number of changes which occurred to become more sustainable:

  • Eco production machines.
  • Eco microclimate building external and internal design.
  • Eco internal lighting system, using the latest LED technology.
  • Eco windows
  • Eco resources system
All the changes from the "Improving Energy Efficiency" project have improved energy efficiency by 50%.


At Medicet we have dedicated our time in researching for new types of bio-materials, which can be used to produce more ecological plastic products. In some case the different type of bio plastic materials would not only make the products more environmentally friendly, but would also add unique aspects to the product.


Our Suppliers

We carefully select our main supplier to ensure they have a positive environmental contribution. This is because we want to base our self’s in a more eco value chain and work with more sustainable suppliers. Aiming to provide our customers the highest level of eco friendly product.

Waste of material

In Medicet we ensure that no material is wasted. It is typical for rejects to occur in a manufacturing process; in Medicet rejects are products that do not meet the M quality standard. All rejects are re-grinded, segmented and sold to a third party company, which are used or sold to manufacture other plastic products.

We are proud to help

One of the first impacts Medicet has had on Etropole since the new ownership is that the company has provided more job opportunities and employee development. Since the new ownership in 2007 untill 2014, the company has more than doubled the number of employees. At Medicet we are aiming to double the current number of employees by 2016.

Medicet has supported the Etropole community by giving donations to specific organizations which used the donation for a positive cause.

Organizations which Medicet has donated to are:

  • Etropole Municipality
  • Professional High School of “Todor Peev”
  • Etropole Hospital “Alexandar Gerchev”
  • COP Etropole, Charity for public support, targeting less fortunate families with young children